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World Between the Lines

Discover how the world is interrelated, look for the prejudices, that distort how we see the world.

Globalisation puts us in more or less direct relationship with people in other parts of our common planet. What has been far in the past, nowadays directly affects us. Therefore it is no longer feasible to divide world into “domestic” and “foreign”. It needs to be seen and presented as a complex of diverse and often not fair relations, relations in which we directly take part. And this new awareness should be reflected in media and journalists’ outputs.

We have decided to directly contribute to it. Therefore we have created and organised new university subject called Global challenges (not only) for journalists, organized at Department of journalism at Comenius University in Bratislava. Course itself is prepared by group of interested journalists under umbrella of NGO People in Need together with the Department of Journalism and Slovak mainstream media outlet Hospodárske noviny (Economic Newspaper,

During 12 weeks in a semester journalists and experts on global issues show students hidden dimensions of topics such as globalisation, sustainable development, migration, human rights, poverty or climate change. Students create journalistic content, receive feedback, publish in newspapers and cooperate with experts.

A unique element of the programme is brand new news section at portal named HN Globálne (Globally in Slovak) focused on global issues. It was launched in March 2016. Except specialised course at the university and news section HN Globálne, there are also other activities such as public debates on underreported stories or seminars on minorities in the news.

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Selected media coverage


Ex ante evaluation of the course - how does it work with students and their attitudes?

Activity questioning our norms and their implications for society

Debate with journalists on Prejudices and stereotypes in media

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Syllabus for download.

Project’s leaflet.

Programme coordinator - Peter Ivanič,

25. január 2016 - 14:24