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Globálne vzdelá

Webpage is a national platform focused on providing support to all stakeholders active within global education field in Slovakia as well as providing information on global education to wider public. The webpage encompasses wide spectrum of information. It provides introduction to global education in Slovakia and presents approaches to global education worldwide.  On the homepage, visitors can moreover find up to date news from global education field and partnership proposals from organizations implementing global education projects. Section Virtual school is at the first place dedicated to primary and secondary schools in Slovakia who wish to embed global education to their curricula. This section consists of hundreds of interactive activities developed by our organization, teachers and experts for the past 10 years. Activities can be accompanied by photographs (can be found in Photo gallery) and videos (can be found in Video gallery). Number of interesting resources such as studies, methodological materials from various sources can be found in Library. Webpage also creates space for expert discussion, presentation and exchange of views via Blog zone and Expert articles.

This webpage is being run by People in Peril (PIPA), Slovak non-profit civil society association established in Slovakia in 1999 who aims to provide effective support to those who suffer the consequences of natural catastrophes, conflicts and authoritarian regimes. Through its activities in Slovakia the organization strives to contribute to forming open, tolerant and solidary society. Activities of PIPA range from Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation to Human Rights Advocacy and Education and Awareness Raising Activities in Slovakia, which include the One World Documentary Film Festival.

If you wish to receive more information regarding this webpage or PIPA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This webpage has been created with help of financial resources from Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC) within National Programme of Official Development Aid of the Slovak Republic.